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How to add voice chat to Unity in under 15 minutes using DFVoice

After the last tutorial, I released a lot of people have been asking how to do voice chat in Unity. Considering how easy it is using DFVoice I made a quick tutorial on the process of setting it up.

Tools I’m using:

Photon Cloud (by Exit Games)
DFVoice Plugin
Oculus Unity Integration
DFVoice is the plugin we use in ConVRge and without any endorsement from them I highly recommend it. We get many compliments on our “3d sound integration” even though we’re literally just using DFVoice and default Unity audio sources.

These videos seem to be turning into a series and I’m happy to make one tutorial a week, so send me any suggestions you have for future videos. What parts of multiplayer virtual reality games are you struggling or unsure about?

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