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Our team introduces a VR reality that provides over 1000 interactive options. Experience a brand new world filled with the freedom to explore any place and influence your reality. Join us in our project to learn more about our programs and methods.

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Eight things you should know about virtual reality

virtual reality

Although the terms and technology ‘Virtual Reality’ has been going around for ages now, it has only recently gained traction from the audience and managed to cut through the noise in recent years. Over the years, the popularity of the technology has grown to such an extent that it has broken into the mainstream world of headsets, games, smartphone and many more sectors of technology. Some technologists and scientists also predict that it is going to make a more prominent name in the upcoming years.

However, in what we know to this day is that the technology is dominating the technological headlines and also attracting investments like a magnet.

In this article, let’s discuss the eight predominant things that you ought to know about Virtual Reality.

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VR technology for your mind and body

VR technology has already made its place in the gaming world, with the invention and amalgamation with the VR headsets. The goal of these is to create an alternative world or a two-dimensional world that gives the experience of making the reel world a reality. It does so by :

  • Tracking head movements of the user
  • Changing image perspective based on eye direction
  • Projecting the movement of arms, legs etc. on the screen

VR technology

Create dizziness

Many of the constant users of the technology have mentioned that the continuous use of applications comprising of VR make them dizzy and induce motion sickness.

Gamers will benefit technology first

VR technology is first going to favour the gaming wolrd before touching any other industry. In today’s gaming era, many of the big developers are lining for the incoming slew headsets that are based on the VR technology.


Augmented Reality in VR

Alongside the development of VR, we have the AR, which is present in devices like the Google Glass, Microsoft HoloLense etc. This is required to enhance the technology of VR in the real world.

VR’s effects on the users’ eyes

Since the virtual world will be implemented in the users’ lives with the help of gadgets and other smart devices, prolonged usage of this could cause strain to the human eyes. Hence, scientist and eye doctors recommend taking a break from the on-time screen.

VR is considered as an asset in healthcare

Medical professionals have started using this technology to distract the kids and young adults from pain during injections and surgeries and on the severe front, they’re also used to detect the growth of certain types of cancers and other diseases.


VRs value in education

Many educational institutions have claimed the potential of VR in the educational sector. It is a great training tool especially to teach kids of the elementary schools and standards.

Growth of competition

The invention of the Oculus Rift was one of the critical catalysts for the boost in the new generation VR technology. Since then, it has only faced healthy competition in the technological market.

How to add voice chat to Unity in under 15 minutes using DFVoice

After the last tutorial, I released a lot of people have been asking how to do voice chat in Unity. Considering how easy it is using DFVoice I made a quick tutorial on the process of setting it up.

Tools I’m using:

Photon Cloud (by Exit Games)
DFVoice Plugin
Oculus Unity Integration
DFVoice is the plugin we use in ConVRge and without any endorsement from them I highly recommend it. We get many compliments on our “3d sound integration” even though we’re literally just using DFVoice and default Unity audio sources.

These videos seem to be turning into a series and I’m happy to make one tutorial a week, so send me any suggestions you have for future videos. What parts of multiplayer virtual reality games are you struggling or unsure about?

How to create multiplayer Oculus Rift games in Unity? Question Answered

This is long overdue. Many people have been asking how we network players in Convrge and I’ve been promising a tutorial for a while. We’ve gone through a few iterations of different techniques ourselves and I wanted to spill the beans in this post to help other aspiring virtual reality developers be able to network their own games. One of the driving forces of creating Convrge in the beginning was the mismatch between how cool multiplayer VR experiences are and how few were actually available. Hopefully this post will help even out that mismatch, and help you add multiplayer to your virtual realities.

The tools are surprisingly easy to use:

Unity Game Engine
Photon Cloud (by Exit Games)
Oculus Unity Integration
One thing to note here is that many, many multiplayer Oculus experiences already use these same tools. The “oh cool, what are you using for networking?” conversations usually end up pretty boring because the answer is almost universally “Photon.” Photon works very similarly to the standard built-in Unity networking tools which makes it very approachable, while also having a lot of advanced features and flexibility. Currently we use their PUN+ edition which allows up to 100 people on your app concurrently for a once off price of $99. Pretty groovy.

As I’m writing this I’ve realized how much easier this tutorial would be in video form, so I’m going to write out the general bullet points of the process and record the step-by-step in a video.