Common Questions

We recently switched to the new Oculus runtime ( and you need it to run Convrge with the Rift. Download it here.
Hold spacebar! Make sure your microphone is working prior to opening Convrge. People often have their microphone turned off accidentally.
Press TAB when in Convrge to see a list of the Controls. You can also check the "Convrge Instructions.txt" file included in your download.
We've noticed this too. We're working on a solution :)
Are you on Win8.1 with a NVIDIA graphics card? If so we've recorded the bug a bunch and we're desperately trying to fix it. If you're not on Win8.1 we may not know of the bug. Submit a bug report here.
YES! Send us an email at to have your avatar put into Convrge. Avatars must fit within a 1m cube and be less than 1000 polys. We're creating a way to simply upload avatars so stay tuned for this process to be simpler soon :).
Over the next couple of months we're building a way for you to import your own worlds for people to meet in.
Flash is currently bundled with modern browsers so you'll need need to install standalone flash here.
Visit this signup page to sign up for event alerts. We'll shoot you emails when events are coming up.
On Mac right-click on the app and click "Open Anyway" on the popup box - as long as you trust us :)

On Windows click "More info" and then "Open Anyway"
Since we updated to the latest Oculus SDK ( non-Rift mode has been showing an alert before the app boots up. Luckily you can just click OK and this alert does not affect anything, nor is it something to worry about. We will try to fix it as it is kinda annoying.
There's currently a bug when you are in fullscreen mode which doesn't let you alt tab. We're trying to find a solution but try to open the app in Direct to Rift Mode or Windowed mode.
The best time to meet people in Convrge is during events. See our event list here. If there is an event on currently and you can't find anybody you may be in a old version of Convrge. Make sure you download the latest version from our website. You can also check this page to see who's currently online.
Yup! Currently Shawn and Hayden are living off savings to be able to work on Convrge full-time, living the life!
If you're interested in helping us shoot an email to and we'll be in touch! We're looking for people interested in making mini-games within Convrge.